Dribble Bibble - Drool Proof Bibs

"Once you own this, you’ll discover just how easy life can be with your little one." - Naomi, Mom, Phoenix, Arizona
"The best investment a parent can make" - Jennifer, Mom, Manalapan, New Jersey
"I found this product to be really useful. It kept wetness away from the baby just as it claims. I found that cleaning the product was very easy and the bib also dried fairly quickly. It is almost impossible to stain this product. You have to love that!" - Jessica, Mom, Indianapolis, Indiana
"I loved the concept of this product off the get go. It’s the perfect bib that solves every challenge, from being easy to clean to not staining. It’s awesome!" - Maureen, Mom, Davie, Florida
"I would surely purchase this product. In my line of work they are extremely handy. I don’t have to worry about staining or drool soaking through to the child. They are extremely easy to clean too." - Tanisha, Mom, Macon, Georgia
"I loved the idea of this product. My first child wore a bib for the first year of his life. This would have been one that I would have reached for frequently. As a nurse practitioner, I would highly recommend this product."
- Lindsay, Mom, Santa Monica, California