Dribble Bibble - Drool Proof Bibs

Deborah, the inventor and also a speech/language pathologist created this product out of pure necessity. As a parent of a son who constantly drooled, she was constantly changing bibs and wet clothing all day long. The search began in finding the perfect fabric that would dry quickly, absorb liquids and keep clothing dry. Mission complete! This bib is not only functional and stylish but also reversible to accommodate solid food.


Dribble Bibble Benefits and Features

• Yes – It’s reversible!
• Great for Traveling
• Mom Invented
• CPSIA Safety Approved
• Each bib is BPA, PVC, phthalate and vinyl free.
• Quick Drying Material soaks in fluids so that your child’s clothes stay dry
• Eco-Friendly – reduces laundry, therefore less use of detergent, water and electricity
• The bib can be easily wiped clean and dries fast so you can always be ready for the next feeding
• Pocketed side for solid food eating
• Patented and made in the USA



Non-Pocketed Side: Use the non-pocketed side for absorbing liquids including drool and formula.  Our quick drying material soaks in fluid so that your child’s clothes stay dry.  To remove formula/drool even faster, use a baby wipe or fold the bib in half and rub fabric together so that the moisture can be absorbed by the material.

Pocketed Side: Use the pocketed side for feeding solid food.  It can be easily wiped clean and dries fast, so that you can be ready for the next feeding.

Caring For Your Bib:

1. Wipe with a damp cloth
2. Hang Dry
3. Flip the pocket inside out for best drying results

Sizing: Fits birth through the toddler years

*Do not leave a child unattended while wearing Dribble Bibble Bibs